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Hey guys,
Thanks so much for all the messages!

So concerning Shapeways and Hasbros Super Fan Art project...
Yes, I am aware of it and I think it's a super cool thing of Hasbro to reach out to the community like that, I really hope this whole project works out for everyone involved.
The reason I am not part of it is not related to my takedown last year...That's about all I can share for now. :D

I know you're probably tired of hearing this but we really hope to be able to show something soonish.

Hey guys,

I'm still getting a lot of messages asking if I died, gave up, was shut down or lost interest, what will happen to my models and if there's still some way to get 3d prints from me so I thought I'd give you guys an update. :)

In the past I've been hinting at a different pony project that I am involved in and that a public release of my models would depend on if it happens or not.
It is happening, or in fact has been happening for a few months now which is also the reason for my inactivity.
Unfortunately I can't share any information about the project at all but I guarantee that you guys will be the first to know when we have something ready!

That means of course that my models won't be released to the public.
I know this will probably disappoint a lot of people and I'm really sorry...But the pay-off will be worth it.
I'm grateful for the suggestions and help people have offered to resolve the 3d printing problem but I really don't want to get on Hasbros bad side so I will not offer any more 3d prints or at least nothing related to MLP.

While I'm not uploading any art at the moment, I'm still checking my dA if you guys want to talk about something or ask me stuff.
I kinda felt bad for not replying much or in detail to most of the questions so I thought I'd sum it all up and at least give you guys the reason why. :D
Thanks for the continued interest!

UPDATE: Unfortunately it looks like Shapeways will cancel all orders that were made in the 24 hours before the close-down, if they wouldn't they are risking to have to pay a fine of up to 150.000$ per sold pony.
I'm sorry to all those who were hoping to still get a print.

As of now my 3d prints will no longer be available on Shapeways.
I was blown away by the feedback I got and I feel like I need to clarify a few things.

I am really thankful that so many people take my side, but the thing is: my side is nonexistant.
I knew this was coming from day one and I'm not mad at Hasbro or Shapeways.
Hasbro simply defended their IP and I'm infact thankful that they merely sent out a notice to Shapeways so that the models got removed from my shop.
I'm sure if they wanted to, they could make matters a lot worse for me.

I did not get a Cease and Desist letter from Hasbro ( yet :D ) which means I can still do 3d pony art just like before.

Did I infringe upon Hasbros copyright/trademark?
Yes, of course...Much like every other fan-artist who makes a profit by doing comissions or auctions.

But fanart in general is a gray area, legally speaking, and most companies simply tolerate it...I still think Hasbro is pretty lenient when it comes to that and only cracks down if a thing get's too big to ignore.
Like I said, I don't make money off of these, the price you paid is material and shipping only but since Shapeways is paid for the 3d prints, a profit is made from an IP that Hasbro owns the rights to and that's why they have to act.
They also didn't target me specifically, they axed :iconvidal-design:'s shop and a few other prints too.

I never meant to make a profit with these, which is also the reason for me not taking OC commissions.
Shapeways offered me a way to simply upload my models and share the figures with all the bronies everywhere (except russia for some reason, sorry guys :( (Sad) ) so a lot of people could have that cute sitting Derpy figure if they wanted it and not just one single person.
No offense to sculptors or anyone else, it's true that you can make infinite copies of a model with a 3d printer which is something you obviously can't do as a sculptor or custom maker which makes every sculpt and custom unique and worth their money.

What happens to the models now?
I'm still working on that other pony project that can't be named and I hope to get a final decision on if it will happen or not in the coming weeks.
If it doesn't happen I will release my models to the public for free.

Thanks for all the messages and all those who enjoy my work!

Hey guys!
Derpy is now available on Shapeways for those interested:…
My camera isn't that good and I'm not much of an photographer so I would love to see any photos you guys take.

Shapeways doesn't ship to russia for some reason, so again Sorry to our russian friends! :(

Hey there,

A few people had problems ordering a Vinyl Scratch these past few days.
Shapeways decided to temporarily stop producing her because so many reported problems with UPS breaking the prints during delivery.
Obviously this is something I have to fix on my product and not maybe UPS not throwing around the boxes or stack heavy sh*t on top of the ones labeled "fragile"...but I digress.

I've updated the model and hollowed out her tail ( no extra holes this time :D ) since that seemed to work wonders with Octavia.
With the exception of that, there's no difference to the earlier version although I think it's about 2$ cheaper now.

Hey, if anyones interested:
Just found this very professional looking presentation of my Octavia and Scratch 3d prints in HD.
The video is very high quality and has very nice lighting.

Here's the video:…

Made by BOSERNR1

The prints always look a little dusty and washed out when photographed with flash and this shows off nicely what they actually look like in person.


I've updated the Octavia model and it is now again available in my Shapeways shop for those of you who still want to pick one up.
She now has a tiny hole in the underside of her tail (the part closest to the ground so it shouldn't be visible when she's standing on her feet) because I hollowed it out to decrease leverage and hopefully improve stability further.

To those of you who order one:
It would help me a lot if you could let me know if it arrived unharmed and in one piece or if you had any problems with it. :)

Sorry it took so long.
Those of you who ordered and already received their Octavia 3d print, would you please measure it's height from ground to eartip and post the result in the comments?
cm or inch, both are fine.
Please also mention what date you ordered it and if you got the first version or the updated one.
There's something I need to check.

This will help speed up the release of Vinyls 3d Print greatly.

Thanks in advance! :D
Hey everyone,

Please make sure that you select "colored Sandstone" if you want your 3d print in color and only order "Sandstone" if you really want a print without textures.

There have been some issues with the Octavia print with it's tail sometimes breaking while packaging at Shapeways and it's their standard procedure to disable a material temporarily on a print they're having problems with, which is why Colored Sandstone was missing from the choosable materials yesterday.

I asked them to be more careful and I've updated the model and thickened up the base of the tail for more stability.

I have two orders in regular Sandstone right now and just want to make sure that these were ordered on purpose and not accident, if you've ordered an Octavia print in the last two days, please make sure that it's in colored sandstone.
The order can be canceled as long as the print hasn't gone into production.

Now to the good news!

I've created a website for my 3d prints at
You can find news and updates about new or available 3d prints, ponypolls where you can vote for the next pony to be modeled, the FAQ, a shoutbox and links to all my related pages there.

I'd be happy if you'd drop by!

For those of you who already received their prints, please let me know if you've had any issues and if you're happy with your print.
I'm always open to suggestions! :)
The Shop:…

This is where you can buy 3d printed ponies from now on. :)
Here's how it works:

-go to to…
-make account
-click on the pony you want to buy
-press "add to cart"
-fill out order
-wait for UPS to deliver
-enjoy ponies

Those of you who ordered one:
I would love to hear your feedback and make sure to take pictures! :D
You can reach me here on DA or directly per email:


I live in xxx can I order a print?

-I think Shapeways ships worldwide with the exception of russia (sorry to all russian bronies :(  ).
You can read up more details on shipping and costs on Shapeways website or their forums.

What's up with the names?

-Right off the bat you're going to notice that I didn't use the words "my", "little", or "pony" anywhere in the titles and chose a very general description instead.
This is to avoid any problems with trademark or copyright infringement that might come up when people compare my stylized cartoon horses to a certain well known toy brand.

Why the hell are the prints so expensive?

-The price of the print is based on volume and material.
I tried to keep it small but I wanted to make sure that all details were visible (just like a regular printer a 3d printer has resolution).I hollowed it out as much as I could without sacrificing stability to reduce overall volume.
I agree that they are still pretty expensive, but please keep in mind that every print is unique and mass production is not possible at this time.

Are you trying to make a quick buck?

-Please be aware that I'm not making any money through this.
While it's true that you buy stuff from my Shapeways shop, you're not really doing business with me.
You're buying a 3d print from Shapeways based on a 3d design that I'm providing to Shapeways.

Will you make pony xxx ?

If people want it and it gets enough votes in one of my ponypolls I will model it and make it available on Shapeways.

What the f*ck I can't ride on this pony, it's way too small.
I feel ripped off!

-Should there be any problem with the print (damaged during delivery or whatever) please don't be afraid to contact Shapeways directly through their forums or by email.
I never had any problems with any of my prints but from what I saw on the forums they seem like pretty reasonable guys and will replace broken prints.

You have a pony in your shop but when I click it I can't order it because it says "Not for sale"
What does that mean?

-It means that it is not for sale.
I use these as previews of prints that I've just finished and ordered the prototype of.
It usually takes 2-3 weeks until a print is printed and shipped to me, if everythings all right I take some pictures of the print and make it available for purchase.

Do you take commissions/requests/will you model my OC?

However I will soon upload a "blank" 3d print without hair for people who just want the base for their modding needs.
Or you could order a finished product in uncolored sandstone and paint it yourself.

What's the difference between the Materials?

-"Colored Sandstone" is the default colored material I used for the Octavia print.
"Sandstone" is the same material but without colors. It should have a slightly yellowish shade of white.
"White Strong & Flexible polished" is a white smooth plastic.

Why Sandstone?
I want smooth, smooth plastic!

Colored Sandstone is currently the only material that supports textures.
There is a polished plastic material but it's pretty expensive and can not be colored.

I want to give this to my sister, niece, daughter, grandma as a gift.
Can I...I mean they play with it?

-I guess you could but please be aware that these are not toys.
The material is hard but also very rigid.
Thin parts like the base of the tail and hairtips could break off easily.


-Here's how it works:…

Can I bathe with it?

Water will fade the colors...So will any bodily fluids (I've seen some sh*t man...)

Is this legal?

-It's about as legal as selling music, sculptures, drawings, plushies, clothing or anything else that could be called fanart of a trademarked brand.
Most companies don't mind or care about fanart as long as you don't try to move in on their business which I'm not since I'm not making toys.

If you have any further questions please let me know through the comments.
I will answer and add them to this F.A.Q
I started a poll over at… where you guys can vote for your favorite pony.
Every poll will last 3 days, then I will close it and get to work on the chosen pony.

As usual I will post a few work in progress shots and get some input and inspiration from you guys. :)
After I finished the model and ordered the prototype 3D print I will create a new poll with any other ponies people were missing and the vote begins anew.

Hope I can keep it up...There are a lot of ponies out there that need to be modeled.
Thanks again for the interest and stay awesome Bronies!
Since Season two finally kicked off I wanted to get back into the game as well.

I've never really been inactive but I'm a slowpoke, never finish anything and I've been really slacking with all the ponies.
Expect more frequent updates in the future!

I've been upgrading textures and tweaking meshes these last few days.
Wanna make new more awesome turntables and maybe find a better rendering style for my stuff that suits the mlp style better than what I've been using up to now.

Most of all I want to do more ponies though.

Thanks for the continued interest guys!
I'm pretty busy with real-life and kind of shy when it comes to replying so please don't be upset if I don't reply to you personally.
I do read and appreciate every comment.

I've been asked if I could release the models to the public for mods, games, rendering and stuff...A lot.

The thing is that I've made these exclusively with 3d printing in mind.
The topology is not fit for animating and rigging would be very messy in most places.
I'm also very protective of my work in general due to some pretty bad experiences in the past.

You can't order any prints yet since I'm still trying to figure out a good size and material for the models so the definition is still alright but without making it too expensive.
The Pinkamena print you see in the video has a height of 7,2cm width 3,0cm and a depth of 7.3cm and came in at 27,00€ ( about 39,00$ ).
Obviously there's also the Trademark and Copyright thing...

I'd like to let everyone know that I'm very happy that you like the models and that I'm grateful for crits, comments and whatever you throw at me.

Keep it up Bronies.
You're awesome!
I'd like to know what Pony you'd like to see me tackle next.
Moar awesome secondary Ponies (Derpy, Bon Bon, Spitfire etc) or one of the main characters?

Let me know trough the comments :)